The Queen of Transitions

Irrationally obsessed about several French revolutionaries from the 1800's. That's all there really is to know.


More annoying asshole AUs please, like:
• kept kicking the back of my chair at the theatre au
• tried breaking into my flat when they were drunk bc they thought it was theirs au
• always arrives at the cafeteria 30 seconds before me and takes the last sandwich I like au
• repeatedly comes into the shop I work at and picks up a lettuce then half way through the shop decides they don’t want the lettuce and puts it back on the shelf next to them regardless of what aisle they’re in au

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Imagine Courf getting hurt like falling out of a tree or something like that and someone calls an ambulance because he broke his leg and the way he tells Combeferre is texting ‘Hey, is it cool if I come visit you at work?’ as the ambulance pulls up.

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magical mornings and afternoon delights, far out friends and fantabulicious nights… come on and sit side by side by susan blackwell, sit your fat ass down and get side by side by susan blackwell.

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